Packwood House Cattery
The Hotel for Cats


Boarding Tariff

 Standard rooms


1 cat in a double suite                                                                                         £11.00 per day                     


2 cats sharing a double suite                                                                             £17.00 per day                    

3 cats sharing a family suite                                                                               £20.50 per day 

Large Luxury double glazed suites

1 cat                                                                                                                     £15.00 per day

2 cats sharing                                                                                                     £20.00 per day

3 cats sharing                                                                                                      £25.00 per day

Please note that only cats from the same family may share a suite, but only if they love each other.

 Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years day are charged at double rate.

One cost covers all including:

  • Food, we have a menu for your cat to choose from, we like to feed premium brand of foods, but if you are welcome to bring your cats own food if they like something off menu. In addition to regular feeding, we have Tuna Tuesday and Fish Friday.
  • Litter, trays are checked and emptied regularly throughout the day and we dont skimp on the quantity of litter in the tray. For families with more than one cat, they all have individual trays.
  • Beds with memory foam mattresses top with vet bed fleece.
  • Daily grooming, if your cat enjoys this.
  • Toys to play with, you are welcome to bring their favourite toys in from home.
  • Administering of medication.
  • Lots of fuss! 

All bookings are subject to a minimum stay/charge of 3 days with the exclusion of the Christmas period when this increases to 5 days.